Day 3 (6/1/15): Rummikub

For Day 3 we opted for a more family type, traditional game, Rummikub and Connie joined us for a three person game! According to Boardgame Geek, Rummikub has been published since 1977. It combines elements of the card game Rummy with tiles. The game comes with:

  • 106 Tiles:
    • 26 Black Tiles (2 x 1-13)
    • 26 Red Tiles (2 x 1-13)
    • 26 Blue Tiles (2 x 1-13)
    • 26 Orange Tiles (2 x 1-13)
    • 2 Joker Tiles
  • 4 Playing Racks
  • Instructions
Rummikub DeLuxe via Boardgame Geek
Rummikub DeLuxe via Boardgame Geek

In it, you set down either “sets” of 3 of the same number in differing colors or “runs” of 3 consecutive numbers of the same colors. Tiles are worth their numerical face value and to “open” your first play must add up to at least 30 points. After that, you can play a tile by simply adding to existing sets and runs already played. Everything played is public meaning everyone can add onto and manipulate everyone’s plays. If you cannot make any play on your turn, you draw one tile and pass. The first person to play all of their tiles, wins.

Rummikub in progress
Rummikub in progress

As the game progresses and fewer tiles are in your rack, your only hope is to play on existing runs and sets. That often requires rearranging them into new, legal sets and runs requiring multiple steps that you need to keep straight and that you often forget halfway through the brilliant plan you figured out just so you can play that one, stupid tile you can’t get rid of! This is an old, family game…that will make you swear a lot…well, it does me.

We had fun, though, and it was nice to have all 3 of us playing. I, somehow, won. I still do not know how…