Day 14 (6/12/15): Squashed

On Day 14 we had company at the house in the form of CJ’s sister, Libby, and her fiance, Joshua. CJ always enjoys playing a game with them when they visit and we picked a new favorite from last Christmas: Squashed.

Squashed game
Our game of Squashed!

Squashed is a “last pawn standing” game for 2 to 4 players aged 6 and up. It is played on a hollow cube covered in rows of holes your pawns attach into. The rules are very simple: Using a die numbered 1 to 3, move 1 or more of your 4 pawns along the sides of the cube. If you run into an opposing pawn on your turn, it is “squashed” into the interior of the cube and out of the game. However, the real fun is when you get a pawn to the top, center spot on the cube: you get to rotate the cube to a new side facing “up” and any and all pawns that were on the side that is now the “bottom” are all squashed at once!

Below is a nice video review on YouTube explaining the game:

It’s a fun, quick little game and the pawns make satisfying rattling clunk sounds when they’re squashed inside the cube. (By the way, the game includes a pad to put under the cube when you squash pawns on the bottom to spare your table.) We have some fairly involved, time consuming games around here. Sometimes, it’s nice to play a quick game and squash your family!