Day 12 (6/10/15): Forbidden Island

One of the board/card game genres that is definitely under represented in our house is the cooperative game. In a cooperative game, players are not vying against each other but against some common obstacle. And, when I say “players” I mean all people playing are cooperating; there is no one player “running the bad guys” […]

Day 10 (6/8/15): Timeline – American History

Programming Note: We’ve got a lot going on this week prepping for a baby shower for our daughter on Saturday so we’re doing shorter, easier games. This week’s entries will be probably shorter as such. My “Game Pusher” scored some discounted Asmodee games at Origins 2015 in Columbus, Ohio last weekend and picked up two […]

Day 9 (6/7/15): Trivial Pursuit DVD – Star Wars the Saga Edition (Or, “There are No Sleestaks On Tattoine)

I’ve always been a fan of Trivial Pursuit. I think I still have a well-worn edition from the 1980s somewhere in the blue box. Quite some time ago we picked up a barely used copy of Trivial Pursuit DVD – Star Wars the Saga Edition at a garage sale. We finally opened it up tonight […]